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Glen Campbell is a multi-award winning photographer from Scotland. His professional career began in 2003 after graduating from Visual Arts Photography studies in Melbourne Australia.  In 2007 he was acknowledged as an AIPP Master of Photography after winning a series  of Gold and Silver Distinction awards over a 5 year period from the professional industry  body - The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.


So how did this all start ?   


A  bit of free spirit, Glen has  always loved to travel. From hitch hiking around Europe in his younger years to eventually traveling around the world in 1994 / 1995. During that period of  exploring he dabbled in photography, regularly recording his adventures with his second hand Olympus Em1n SLR, loaded with rolls of Kodachrome film.

With his sights set on more adventures, in 1997 Glen emigrated to Australia from Scotland where he embraced a new life with many new possibilities.


In 1998 photography and travel came head to head again when he was inspired by a travel photography presentation in Perth, Western Australia  by photographer  Nick Melidonis. The projected scenes from wild open landscapes in the USA fired his imagination and from then on Glen set his sights on a new career path.


Glen then moved to Melbourne from Perth in 1999, enrolled in a  full-time photography studies in Visual Arts, and winning the Folio of the Year award upon graduation two years later. He started a new family, joined the AIPP and  received a swathe of photography awards and accolades, including the  AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2004 and then again in 2005.

He then took detours into wedding photography mentored by leading masters Andrew Esposito and Rocco Ancora, then came news editorial and commercial photography with commissions to shoot Major Infrastructure projects for the state government. He grafted away, paying the bills and  all the while sharpening his skillset, building layers of knowledge and a deeper  understanding of his craft. 


All the while he followed his passion for the great outdoors and continued to photograph landscapes, making regular solo trips into Tasmania, the Australian bush and National Parks to sharpen his eye for composition and gain a better understanding of the medium of light.  


During that time an old jeep or his beloved Yamaha XT600 trail bike  took him on his adventures around South Eastern Australia. From the temperate  Otways Rainforest to the Snowy Mountains in the Victorian High Country to hidden spots along the Murray River system in Victoria and New South Wales.

After a chance meeting with  fellow photographer Tom Putt in Sydney in 2003 they teamed up to co-lead landscape workshops around Australia. After around 5 years the urge to return to the Highlands with his young family took hold. Twelve years after emigrating, Glen returned home to the  Scottish Highlands and set up Lightstalkers Scotland.  Now, after over a decade running photography adventures in Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Namibia, Italy, Croatia, Australia and  other inspiring places, he's finally put together an online gallery featuring  some of his finest and favourite moments in the field.


"I hope you enjoy viewing some of the images and even connect with some of the locations and moments captured. Maybe  enough to purchase a print to enjoy in your own home or office, for me it is the ultimate compliment, thanks for visiting"






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